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Sleep Well Caressed by Stress-Relieving Green

Green stimulates images of freshness, good health, vigor, and flourishing, live greenery. But did you know that green also has a calming effect when used as a central color for decorating? Green is a stress reliever and helps you to relax and get the healthy sleep you need to feel your best. Green is also believed to help with fertility, making it a great choice for your bedroom. Green was the "Color of the Year 2017" and made its presence known in merchandise, fashion, decorating, and even interior paint. Green walls were not uncommon that year and green still holds its place in decorating trends. Green denotes the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy. In its many varieties, green...

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Gray: The Trending Color for Infinite Possibilities

Gray is the color of calm and composure, a respite from the chaos. Gray is neither black nor white, but as gray gets closer to black it becomes more mysterious and dramatic. As gray nears the white spectrum, it becomes livelier and revealing. Gray is relaxing, subdued, and quieter, but it holds infinite possibilities when it comes to decorating your Sleep Oasis®. Perhaps you’re redoing your bedroom walls or bathroom in a beautiful, timeless gray. Working with it as a backdrop in your sleep environment, you can add splashes of color to accentuate its subtlety. What better way to ensure a peaceful, healthy sleep than to slip into beautiful, silky gray  sheets. It’s like a blank canvas waiting for your...

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Sleep Calm and Serene in a Silky Cloud of Blue.

Is blue your favorite color? If so, you enjoy tranquility and harmony. You’re reliable, sensitive and make a genuine effort to think of other people. You’re kind of a ‘neatnik’ and like things clean and tidy. Blue is associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, and is considered beneficial to the mind and body. Blue is said to slow the human metabolism and produce a calming effect. Imagine your favorite color helping you sleep better, more relaxed, and wake up feeling renewed. Now imagine silky, breathable blue sheets that wrap you in a cloud of luxury. That’s what you’ll discover with Get Groovy Deals. And you have choices. Which blue are you? Sea Breeze is a soft feathery...

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