Whiskey Cake Body Butter Cream - Get Groovy Deals Texas
Whiskey Cake Body Butter Cream - Get Groovy Deals Texas
Whiskey Cake Body Butter Cream - Get Groovy Deals Texas

Whiskey Cake Body Butter Cream

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Whiskey Cake + Cocoa + Mango Body Butter 4oz

Recharge and revive your senses with a refreshing, white nectarine scent. It's the perfect scent to jump start your day!
What is the *true key* to healthy skin? HYDRATION.
Nourish your skin with this unique Shea + Cocoa + Mango Body Butter. Our fully formulated Cacao Body Butter is made with all-natural ingredients to amplify the restoration of your hair and skin. This cream is carefully crafted to repair your derma so that you experience more radiant and elastic skin overnight. Watch wrinkles, scars, and blemishes vanish after you use this organically combined cream. Expertly handcrafted to glide onto your skin like silk while delivering hydration and nutrients to the skin that help keep it soft, smooth, supple, moisturized, naturally radiant and utterly kissable. This body butter will nourish the deepest layer of the skin, providing long lasting moisture. You will notice how nourished and soft your skin feels after a few uses. The moisture and hydration will last longer as your skins' natural barriers are replenished and protected. Your skin is the biggest organ on your body. Nourish your skin with ingredients you would eat. 


☑ Use on hair and skin. 
☑ Effectively treats dry skin – Heals skin rash
☑ Heals skin peeling, after tanning – Clears blemishes and wrinkles
☑ Relieves itching skin 
☑ Heals sunburn 
☑ Treats small skin wounds and skin cracks 
☑  Moisturizes and smooths tough or rough skin
☑ May prevents stretch marks during pregnancy
☑ Relieves insect bites – Promotes healthy rejuvenated skin
☑ Heals muscle fatigue, aches and tension 
☑  Relieves skin allergies such as poison ivy or poison oak
☑ Treats eczema and dermatitis
☑ Fights off fine lines and wrinkles


❤ Made with naturally refined Shea Butter; this natural refinement takes away the strong scent of Shea Butter without destroying the wonderful benefits.
❤ Made with Cacao Body Butter that is composed of only the best quality organic raw materials to guarantee the delicate replenishment of your skin. When you apply our product to your hair and skin, you will instantly feel the rejuvenating properties of the cream revivify your youthful features.
❤ Made with rich creamy Mango Butter. Mango butter can be used directly on the skin to moisturize and soften by gliding on, since it melts at skin temperature.
❤ Made with cold-pressed oils; cold-pressing retains all of the goodness of the oils whereas using heat or chemical solvents destroys many of the properties of otherwise awesome oils.
❤ Made with an all natural emulsifier that helps prevent moisture loss in the skin.
❤ Made with phthalate free fragrances.
❤ Hand-made in small batches just for you with lots of ❤.

Naturally refined Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Cold-pressed Jojoba Oil-Golden, Cold-pressed Apricot Kernal Oil, Cold-pressed Avocado Oil, Cold-pressed Rice Bran Oil, Cold-pressed Sweet Almond Oil,
Scented with : Whiskey Teakwood. 



(1) 4 oz jar of body butter by weight, not volume. Packaged in a round 4 oz jar with a matte black lid. Use within 6-8 months of receiving.

Apply as needed to dry areas. A little goes a long way. Don't neglect those hard-working feet! Apply some body butter to them right after a nice warm shower and put some soft socks on.
* Have super dry skin? Try taking a nice warm shower or bath before bed and then apply the body butter to just towel-dried skin so that it can really sink in overnight.
*Please be sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in this product before purchasing.  

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