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Authentic Refinished Barrel

Authentic Refinished Barrel

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Our authentic barrel pub tables and barrel cabinets are all hand crafted by father and son team Bryan and Gary.

Master Carpenter quality will be obvious in each barrel creation. Each barrel is unique and one of a kind. Made of Solid Oak, our barrel décor, barrel tables and barrel cabinets are built to last for generations and ideal for passing on as heirloom gifts. 

We have several stain colors to choose from to find the perfect mancave table,  mancave cabinet and mancave décor. Our barrels are made to be used both indoor and outdoor since we apply final coats of water proof marine grade varnish (Unless requested otherwise).

When we finish them, not only do we use the highest quality stain, we sand and smooth the oak staves and metal bands, secure and screw the metal bands to each individual wood stave properly to ensure the barrel will keep its shape over the years.

We preserve the natural barrel dark veins and marks to show the authenticity of the life and story of each barrel. Great for an outdoor patio table, game room, mancave décor, man cave gift, dining room table, restaurant table, wedding gift , wedding décor, or any social event where a unique table, or pub table is needed. 

We use a industrial strength Duracoat lacquer ( DuraCoat® Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer are premium quality finishes for furniture, kitchen, bath cabinets, and millwork shops. DuraCoat® feature high solids, moisture resistance, good flexibility, mar resistance, and are much more durable than regular nitrocellulose lacquers. )   that not only coats but also seals the wood, stain and metal making your unique barrel piece weatherproof and ready to go for years of enjoyment. 

Whether you are looking to step up your man cave , mancave, place of business, restaurant, bar, patio, gameroom, game room, wedding gift or special venue - you can rely on our custom crafted barrel tables to add ambiance and character to any situation or living environment that will last for years to come!


Refurbished Barrel + Stain Color of Choice + Waterproof Marine Spar Varnish Finish 

Add On Options

All Barrels are available with or without table tops, patio umbrella slots, finished , 3 attached, heavy duty, full bearing, swivel casters - 1 with locking brake to ensure the table will stay in place.  We also have single door and double door or French doors as an option to have storage and a place to keep bottles and desired items

Table Tops

We offer 36-48 inch diameter and 1 inch thick solid pine wood round table tops. The table tops are secured with special made braces/cleats attached to the bottom of the table top, not the barrel, to prevent the table top from tilting or moving. (The table top is removable with no tools required should you want to remove the top)  Personalize with your favorite whiskey, scotch, family name, or quote. 


36 Inch Table Top

48 Inch Table Top

20 Inch Glass Table Top (lays perfectly on top of the barrel head itself, inside the outer barrel top ring so as not to hang over the barrel top) so as to provide a glass barrier of protection but also to lay over any stamped logo or added personalization placed on the barrel head itself.

Door Option

No Door (Open Space Where Door Would Be)+ 2 Shelves + Waterproof Remote Control LED Light

Single Door +  2 Shelves + Waterproof Remote Control LED Light

Double Door + 2 Shelves + Waterproof Remote Control LED Light

Sink Basin Ready 

Sink Basin Cabinet


3 heavy duty casters/ 1 with locking brake

Please look for Product Listing with Add Ons or Contact Us for help. 

**Currently we are at a 7 - 8 week lead time due to the holiday demand. Free shipping is not included with any discounts. **

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