T2C Earbuds Pairing Instructions

Read the manual to know the functions on the multi function button

To power on 1 earbud.- hold down the multi function button for 3 seconds till the less light flashed red and blue

Turn on your bluetooth and find T2C.

Select the T2C name in available devices in your bluetooth screen

Device will audibly tell you it is connected if in ear and the led light on the earbud will flash only blue every 5 seconds.

The left ear individual pairing code will be different than the right ear individual pairing code even though they will both show up as the same name T2C. If you have an Android device, you usually are able to edit and rename any bluetooth name in your settings to help determine the difference in each earbud. Ex. Left ear vs. Right ear.

To pair TOGETHER and a pair in stereo.

Turn bluetooth off.

Turn each earbud on at same time by pressing the power button on each earbud for 3 seconds. They will both flash red and blue for 2 to 5 seconds until they find each other and pair together. The left ear bud will continue to flash red and blue and the right earbud will only flash blue every 5 seconds approx.

Also the voice prompt will audibly say they are connected as well.

This will create a T2C code, which is the same code as the left ear by itself. In true wireless stereo mode, the right earbud is a follower to the leader which is the left earbud while in TWS(true wireless stereo mode), so the bluetooth code for both earbuds as a pair will also function as the bluetooth pairing code for the left earbud/leader earbud.


Be sure to remove the clear plastic that is on the small metal prongs inside each earbud spot in the charger.

When charging the case and or earbuds, everything will charge through the case when the case is plugged up to power.

There is a on/off power button inside the charging case which will turn the case on to start charging the earbuds . The case will store enough power to charge the earbuds 2 times. It will act as a power bank.

Ok the back of the charger is a 4 led power meter reader to determine the power within the charger itself. Each led light represents a 25% charge . So when all 4 led lights are lite up once power button is turned on, the charger box is 100% full. When only 3 lights are on, then only 75% full and so on.

When charging the charge box while earbuds are inside, be sure to power off each earbud before placing them in the charge box by pressing each earbuds multi function button for 3 seconds and the led light will flash red 3 times then shut off.

The charge box led lights will flash when charging and will stay solid lights when fully charged.

The earbuds led light will be solid red color while charging and turn solid blue when fully charged.

The charger box will automatically turn off after 2 minutes once the earbuds have fully charged to protect from over charging.