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Magnetic Car Phone Mount

Magnetic Car Phone Mount

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Set it and forget it has never had a more perfect phrasing with this must have magnetic dashboard smartphone holder accessory for your vehicle. 

Quick and easy installation anywhere you choose on your center console will have you commuting hands free safely while driving from coast to coast in a matter of minutes. 

Never get caught by authorities again using a none hands free device with this magnetic mount that allows you to easily navigate through phone calls, music, and GPS mapping while driving.

 Once placed on your phone the universal metallic disk can be used on any magnetic surface not just while in the car such as on a fridge, computer desk, and even on magnetic cabinets. 

  • Sleek designed magnetic mount is one that fits onto the back of any smart phone device
  • Reinforced attractive material produces intensive force of attraction for superior strength
  • Swivel and rotate the phones display as you please while it stays studiedly mounted
  • Never fear about road vibration or impacts moving the device while navigating a journey
  • Won’t block air vents or windshield with its easy installation simply sticking it wherever
  • Freely Adjustable 75 ° vertical and 360° horizontal angels allows device desired mobility
  • Operate one-handed to insert/remove your phone while your other hand is on the wheel
  • 3M adhesive gives a tight/firm hold, easy peel off and clean for a residue-free dashboard
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