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Youthify Your Complexion and Hair Night After Night. Sleep on Island Slumber Bamboo Pillow Cases.

Wake up loving the face in the mirror -- You! Smoother, more supple skin with fewer lines. Hair that’s only tossed, not a tangled mess. Isn’t that a happier start to your day?  It’s so easy you’ll be delighted. The Younger Looking You People are amazed at the difference sleeping on bamboo pillow cases from Island Slumber has made in their appearance and in how they feel about themselves. It’s a sure way to boost your confidence when you feel and look healthier, more vibrant, and walk with a little bounce in your step. A solid investment when you consider all the benefits of Bamboo Pillow Cases from Island Slumber. How can bamboo pillow cases make me look better? For...

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Eucalyptus Oil Works Wonders Inside Your Face Mask

Breathe easier with just a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil inside your protective face mask. It really works! One of the biggest complaints people have about wearing a face mask to protect themselves and others from COVID is they sometimes find it hard to breathe well. What we’ve discovered is that a few drops of eucalyptus oil sprinkled on your protective face mask actually makes it easier to breathe, has a calming effect, and it smells nice, too. Eucalyptus Oil is nothing new. It has been around for hundreds of years and you have probably used it without even realizing it. For instance, over-the-counter vapor or chest rubs marketed to help coughs often contain eucalyptus oil. Or, they may include...

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t’s beautiful, delightfully aromatic, and a lovely touch to any décor -- Lavender. And now that we know lavender help you sleep better, not to mention it has aphrodisiac effects, well, frankly, we can’t find any reason not to love lavender. Lavender is a perennial and evergreen plant. There are more than 40 types of lavender. One that is common and used for medicinal purposes is Lavendula angustifolia. Native to North Africa and the Mediterranean region, lavender now also grows throughout the United Kingdom and in parts of the United States, as well as other parts of the world. Wherever lavender grows, it grows abundantly. In fact, it grows so fast, many people mistake it for a weed. The plant’s flowers,...

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