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Celebrate Achievement with Personalized Graduation Gifts

May, the traditional month of Graduation Day is that special time each year when we recognize and honor students for their hard-earned achievements. It’s a time of celebration, camaraderie, and gift-giving, too.  What could be more special that a personalized gift for your favorite graduate (s)? We have a variety of graduation gift ideas that can be personalized with grads graduation date, school, mascot, school song, school motto -- you name it! And the added uniqueness of repurposed barrel heads inscribed with any of the school icons is a gift any student would be excited to receive and hang on their wall. It’s a guarantee that not everyone will have such a personalized, cool graduation gift like this. If you...

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Top 5 Ways to Use Whiskey Barrels to Bring Your Country Wedding to Life

You’re an original, not tied to traditional wedding themes, so naturally you want your big day to reflect your rustic, earthy style. An outdoor wedding complete with country-themed reception will come to life when you use authentic wine and whiskey barrels in your wedding décor. A winery country wedding is one of the hottest ideas happening and pulling it all together is easier than you might think. Here are 5 hot tips to help you make your wedding and reception an amazing day to remember decorating with Wine & Whiskey Barrels:   Floral Arrangements Whether gifting or gathering, the magic of floral arrangements seldom disappoints. With a vast array of color, texture, scent, and beauty, your floral choices sitting atop...

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