Top 5 Ways to Use Whiskey Barrels to Bring Your Country Wedding to Life

Top 5 Ways to Use Whiskey Barrels to Bring Your Country Wedding to Life

You’re an original, not tied to traditional wedding themes, so naturally you want your big day to reflect your rustic, earthy style. An outdoor wedding complete with country-themed reception will come to life when you use authentic wine and whiskey barrels in your wedding décor.

A winery country wedding is one of the hottest ideas happening and pulling it all together is easier than you might think. Here are 5 hot tips to help you make your wedding and reception an amazing day to remember decorating with Wine & Whiskey Barrels:

  1.   Floral Arrangements

Whether gifting or gathering, the magic of floral arrangements seldom disappoints.

With a vast array of color, texture, scent, and beauty, your floral choices sitting atop earthy wine and whiskey barrels is a statement of individuality.

  1.   The Grand Entrance

Outdoor weddings using wine and whiskey barrels as a designated entrance can be creatively decorated with florals, signature mementos, exotically draped fabrics, or whatever you choose.

  1.   Mementos of Love

Throughout the wedding setting, personal artifacts and customized signage and markers will guide your guests from the ceremony to the party. Whiskey barrels draped in Italian lace adds rustic beauty.

  1.   The Reception Bar

You’ll have fun creating a reception bar and food table like no other with authentic

Wine and whiskey barrels ably supporting the cache of goodies while serving as much-talked-about conversation pieces.

  1.   The Wedding Cake

Possibly the most important display of your entire wedding -- the wedding cake or cakes if you have a Groom’s cake as well. With the weathered beauty of wine and whiskey barrels juxtaposed against the delicacy and artistry of your wedding cake, your guest will remember your wedding day as unique and enchanting.

Whether the setting for your wedding day is on a beautifully green lawn or inside a wonderful old barn, the event will transcend most weddings as original and memorable -- just like you. Shop with us. Save money.  And most of all, make your wedding day the happiest day of your life!

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