Celebrate Achievement with Personalized Graduation Gifts

Celebrate Achievement with Personalized Graduation Gifts

May, the traditional month of Graduation Day is that special time each year when we recognize and honor students for their hard-earned achievements. It’s a time of celebration, camaraderie, and gift-giving, too.  What could be more special that a personalized gift for your favorite graduate (s)?

We have a variety of graduation gift ideas that can be personalized with grads graduation date, school, mascot, school song, school motto -- you name it! And the added uniqueness of repurposed barrel heads inscribed with any of the school icons is a gift any student would be excited to receive and hang on their wall.

It’s a guarantee that not everyone will have such a personalized, cool graduation gift like this.

If you want to go bigger with your gifting, take a look at our wine and whiskey barrel gaming tables, shelves, and other furniture. These are gifts that last a lifetime. Handmade, artisan crafted pieces that make the most unique gift possible to that ‘very special graduate’.

How about a Whiskey Barrel Cabinet to add to his/her den or mancave? Or maybe he would like a Whiskey Barrel Cooler Bar for the patio or pergola? Go one better and have his last name engraved to read, e.g., “Anderson’s Distillery” or such. With 5 different stain choices, as well as natural (no stain), you have fun deciding how to personalize your gift for your graduate (s). 

If he/she a culinary guru or even a week-end chef, you might want one of our gorgeous Lazy Susan’s or, charcuterie trays. When you add his initial, last name, or special saying, it’s even more personalized and he can have great fun showing it off to friends and family.

Maybe your Grad is into Whiskey Flights, where whiskey connoisseurs gather to enjoy tasting multiple bottles at the same time. He/she might even have his/her own club. An authentic whiskey barrel table or bar would be ideal for such an occasion. Even the beautifully functional Lazy Susan’s add character to any setting.

Here are some other gift ideas to keep in mind, all of which are sure to bring a smile, chuckle, and even a guffaw from that special guy you want to surprise:

Barrel Stave Stools

Bourbon Barrel Head Cheese Tray with Antique Handles

Whiskey and Wine Oak Stave Bottle Opener

Beverage Dispenser/Personalized Stave Sign Combo

Personalization really adds an extra touch to any gift, so whether you’re giving something small or large, remember we can hand engrave the wall signs with a personal saying or your own name. We can include the distillery name, bar name, or place such as city or state.

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