5 Easy Ways to Work Gratitude Into Your Everyday

5 Easy Ways to Work Gratitude Into Your Everyday

It’s not easy being grateful. But recognizing the good can help brighten your outlook all year long.

It's been a challenging year for many of us, so it may be hard to focus on what's good in our lives. But that's just what we should be doing. Gratitude can bring joy to life in nearly every situation. So what better way to kick off the New Year than to reflect on what you’re thankful for as a working mom (think: that first cup of coffee, clean sheets, spontaneous hugs from your kids)? In the coming year, see if you can take the time to be thankful more often. Here, five simple ways to incorporate gratitude into your family’s daily routine.

1. Share at the table.

Dinner is a great time to talk about the things you are thankful for each day. Ask everyone to think of at least one thing they are grateful for, and try sharing from youngest to oldest, or in no order at all.

2. Create a gratitude jar.

Put out a pretty container or jar and sheets of paper, along with a few pens, pencils or crayons. Place it in a central spot and invite kids and adults alike to write down things or experiences that they are grateful for. At weeks end, take the papers out of the jar out and read them aloud as a family.

3. Draw a picture

Using a giant piece of paper, encourage the kids (and you too!) to draw the things that they are grateful for. People, objects, vacations or memories—anything goes.

4. Make a collage.

Give your kids a camera or your cell phone and encourage them to take photos of all things they are grateful for. Print out the pics and let them create a collage. (Don’t forget the glitter!)

5. Start a gratitude journal.

Keep a notebook or a simple pad of paper in a central place and encourage your family to write down the things they are grateful for when the mood strikes. Keep it out all year, and before the start of the next year, look back at all you have to be thankful for.

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