Are You Completely Euphoric When You Slip into Your Bed Covers? If Not, You Could be Missing Out on a Bedgasm.

Are You Completely Euphoric When You Slip into Your Bed Covers? If Not, You Could be Missing Out on a Bedgasm.

Your sleep environment can be so much more than just a place to say night-night.

When you turn back the covers and slip into bed, are you experiencing a wave of serotonin that spreads through your body leaving you positively giddy? That’s a bedgasm.

If that sounds a little ridiculous then you obviously haven’t slept on the cool, inviting, soft luxury of Island Slumber Bamboo Sheets. You’ve noticed we talk a lot about creating your own Sleep Oasis® -- well that’s a big part of experiencing a bedgasm.

Creating an entire space where you sleep that is appealing, well-lit, aromatic, and just the perfect temperature for deep, restorative sleep is what a Sleep Oasis is all about.

Now the only way you can complete the picture is to outfit your bed with the most luxurious bedding from Island Slumber. From bamboo sheets, pillowcases, pillows, and comforters to lovely additions like lavender oil, Himalayan salt lamps, and sleep masks -- we have it all. Why is bamboo so wonderfully different? There are so many reasons. Where do I start?

Bamboo’s softness has been likened to cashmere, only more luxurious because it breathes so well. This airflow keeps you cooler all through the night. And bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and microbe resistant, so no interruption from sneezing or wheezing, just soothing, cool softness.

You’ll stay dryer, too, because bamboo has a natural wicking ability that absorbs any moisture from night sweats or higher than usual perspiration levels.

Together or Solo

 Whether you share your Sleep Oasis with that significant other or sleep solo, you can still have the ‘bedgasim-quality’ experience when you go to bed. Of course, sharing the experience only amplifies the enjoyment, but either way, Island Slumber invites to elevate your whole sleep experience.

 And it goes without saying that sleeping without your PJs will only make it better. In fact, you might want to revisit some of our blogs on that topic. Sleeping naked is actually very healthy on many levels, and because you don’t wrestle with your nighty each time you roll over, you get more uninterrupted sleep.

 If you sleep better you’ll wake up feeling better and the only way to ensure a restful, rejuvenating night’s sleep is to create the ultimate place where you lay your head down to sleep.

 Naturally we don’t claim to be a substitute for anything nature can offer, but we can guarantee that going to bed in your Island Slumber Bamboo Sleep Oasis will change the way you think about ‘turning in’ at night.

 Take a look at what we have to offer and don’t forget to check out our special Summer Sales. Buy one set of Bamboo Bedding and get the 2nd one 50% off. Inventory is flying out the door so don’t wait to order if you want to have your favorite color.

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