How to Turn your Living Room into the Coolest Campsite Ever

How to Turn your Living Room into the Coolest Campsite Ever

Anyone can pitch a tent inside. But hardcore stay-at-home campers know it’s all about ambience.

Set the Mood
Stream your favorite nature sounds—crickets, a rushing river, howling wolves—on YouTube.

Fire it Up
Every great campsite needs a fire. No fireplace? Light some candles, drop a headlamp into an empty Nalgene, or make one out of paper. Want to increase the size of your crew? Tune into Backpacker’s nightly campfire livestream on Facebook.

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Find Some Foliage
Gather all the houseplants and crowd them around your site.

Gaze into Galaxies
Discover the wonders of the cosmos on your ceiling. Replicate the night sky with string lights, glow-in-the-dark constellations, coffee-can lanterns, or star cut-outs.

Spot Local Fauna
Got Christmas decorations collecting dust? Pull out those reindeer antlers and stick ‘em on the dog. Boom, wildlife.

Treat Yo’self
Whip up a camp classic—no roasting stick required. Place an open-faced s’more (one graham cracker, one chocolate square, one marshmallow) on a lined baking sheet. Broil, watching closely, until the marshmallow is puffed and brown. Top with a second graham cracker and enjoy.

Smell of the Wild
Engage all your senses to truly experience the wilderness. Burn some pine-scented candles or fill the room with vases of clippings from the yard. Truly committed? Skip the shower for a few days.

Imbibe Inside
Enjoying your favorite camp cocktails shouldn’t be limited to the backcountry. Mix up some of our favorites with these recipes.

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