Putting Together a Family Movie Night

Putting Together a Family Movie Night

When you’re a working mother, the demands on your time can be overwhelming sometimes. Whether it’s the pressure of getting everything done for work or making sure your children get every place that they need to go, it can seem like a never-ending race against the clock. It also means that it can be difficult to carve out enough time to actually spend quality moments with the kids. Time passes fast, and missing out on those opportunities for family togetherness can be something you’ll regret later.

That’s why the family movie night never goes out of style. And what’s great about living in this day and age is that it no longer means either spending a lot of money at a theater or being limited in your choices for films by the technology in your home. Streaming allows you the chance to bring the theater experience in your home so that you and your kids can get the most out of a family night. Your kids will likely come to look forward to this night as much as you do.

Here are some tips to help create experiences for you and your kids that you’ll come to cherish.

Schedule Ahead

It can be difficult to carve out the right night to relax and watch movies, what with your work pressures and the kids’ extracurricular and social activities. So it’s important to compare schedules ahead of time and find a night which works for all of you. It might be too ambitious to expect to have a movie night every single week. Start at first maybe with one a month. What might happen is, once the kids find how much they enjoy it, they’ll willingly clear their schedules and make the time.

Make It Special

Maybe you can have themed movie nights, where you encourage the kids to dress up like characters in the film to be watched. Or you can create a special menu for the occasion. If that’s too time-consuming, take the opportunity to get their favorite takeout food for the night. These are the touches that will make the night more special than if you all just slumped on the couch and threw on a film at the last minute.

Let The Kids Help Make The Selection

Obviously, you have to have the final say in the movie choice to make sure it’s age and content-appropriate for your kids. But you need to at least give them some say in what movie is going to be watched on a particular evening. That will make them feel involved and eager to participate. If you choose the movie all the time, the kids might feel like movie night is a chore, and that’s the exact opposite of the experience you want to create.

So keep these ideas in mind when you’re putting a together family movie night. Then pop the popcorn and get ready to enjoy.

Written by Natalie Bracco for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@getmatcha.com.

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