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Authentic Wine Barrel BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks

Authentic Wine Barrel BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks

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Authentic Wine Barrel Smoking & Grilling Wood Chunks. 2 Lb. Bag

Experience a truly unique flavor with Authentic Wine Smoking & Grilling CHUNKS. Made from white oak wine barrels sourced directly from the Texas Hill Country Wineries, these chunks add a rich and savory flavor to your favorite BBQ dishes.  Each bag is lined to maintain the freshness and moisture of the wood and is resealable. Make the best BBQ on the planet with these environmentally friendly authentic wine barrel wood chunks.

  • Sourced directly from white oak wine barrels for authentic flavor
  • Resealable, lined bag keeps your wood blocks fresh and aromatic
  • Environmentally friendly company uses excess barrels that would otherwise go to waste
  • Net weight 2 lbs per bag

RED WINE BARREL SMOKING WOOD CHUNKS – 100% white oak smoking wood chunks from an authentic wine barrel that used to age red wine.

IMPART DELICIOUS AROMAS & FLAVORS – The former wine barrel wood produces a tantalizing smoky aroma with an array of wine notes, as well as mouthwatering flavors that will add depth to your smoked meats. .

Wine Barrel BBQ WOOD – BBQ smoking wood chunks are the perfect size for most smokers and grills to impart rich, long-lasting smoke.

**Not compatible with pellet grills or smokers.

** STRAIGHT FROM TEXAS WINE COUNTRY – Our oak chunks come from authentic Texas Hill Country wine barrels straight from popular wineries. Enjoy that signature wine & smoke combination for an unbeatable BBQ experience

Bag Size

13-3/8 x 9-1/4 x 4-1/2 inches

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