Beverage Dispenser
Beverage Dispenser
Beverage Dispenser
Beverage Dispenser

Beverage Dispenser

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Store, pour, and display your favorite spirit with this wall-mounted conversation piece.

Drink responsibly with our controlled/measured 1.25 oz reservoir. Every shot is a measured 1.25oz. 

Our Unique spring-loaded design allows both large 1.75L and regular 750ML sized bottles to easily change out and securely fit onto our handsomely made stave liquor bottle dispensers.

MADE FROM aluminum, plastic, rubber, steel, and mounted on a genuine authentic reclaimed oak bourbon barrel stave piece

MEASUREMENTS Medium - 14" tall, 3"to 4" wide, 5" deep Large- 18" tall, 3" to 4" wide, 5" deep

CARE Hand wash detachable hardware. Stave may be wiped clean.

Owner benefit statement- Hand crafted and re-purposed from genuine reclaimed bourbon barrel staves, our dispenser easily mounts to any wall surface, is truly versatile with our spring loaded arm to hold securely any bottle size 1.75L to 750ml and allows you to quickly and easily change the bottle out with no spills.

What our Groovy Customers are saying about our Unique Barrel Décor...

"I bought my husband a stave liquor dispenser for his bar area and he LOVES it! In fact, we purchased 2 more to spread out behind the bar serving area!"
June P. 

 "I purchased one of the barrel stave liquor dispensers for my bar and it really added for that "RUSTIC and TRUE Bourbon feel" I have been going for!"
~ Derek N.

"Purchased one of the barrel stave liquor dispensers for my dad's birthday and WOW did he go nuts over it!! Literally his favorite bar décor item TO DATE!!!"
 Scott R.

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