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Whiskey Barrel Head Shelf and Wall Art

Whiskey Barrel Head Shelf and Wall Art

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Clever pun's and quotes.

Add an element of humor and wit to your man cave, game room, or bar area. 

Every Barrel has a story. We preserve the natural marks and veins to show the authenticity of the life and story of each barrel.

Each barrel head art piece is unique. The art is made from re-purposed whiskey barrel heads. The barrel head has one side stained from the whiskey it held through the years, while the other side shows the natural golden oak color. 

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your wedding party, group of friends, or special occasion we can personalize.  

♻ Made from retired whiskey Barrels

❤️ Handmade with Love 

Made in the USA

Made by US Navy Veteran

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